13 things to remember after you've moved into your new home

May 13, 2021

Your house purchase completed. The champagne was drunk. Your furniture has been moved to your new home and the important boxes are unpacked. What else do you need to do?

Here is our checklist on what to do next:

  1. Council Tax. Ring up the local council and register to pay
  2. Ring up the local water company and set up your account
  3. Gas and Electric. Ring up the seller’s existing supplier. To ensure that you can instantly use these services, the law makes you start with the existing supplier. You will need to create an account with them but you don’t need to stay with them. Use a switching service to find the best deal
  4. Update the DVLA. It’s a legal requirement to tell them you’ve moved. Find out more here
  5. Update your car insurance. The insurance company use your location to set your premium. Your insurance will be invalid if you don’t update them. You may have to pay an additional premium or you may get a refund
  6. Make sure you have a postal redirect. To avoid missing any important items, you can pay the post office to deliver mail to your new address. It starts from £39.99 and can be set up online here
  7. Update the electoral register. This will enable you to vote in any upcoming elections and will also help your credit score. You can register here
  8. Inform work. Tell your employer that you have moved house
  9. Register for a new doctor and dentist. If you have moved town you might want to register for someone closer. Remember that it is better to register before you need them
  10. Set up broadband and tv packages. Don’t forget to look online and find the best deal
  11. Update your TV licence. You can update your address here
  12. Update your bank. Even if you got the mortgage from them. You don’t want your statements sent to the wrong address and your account associated with someone else’s house
  13. Update other services. This includes your mobile phone provider and any shopping services (you don’t want goods delivered to the wrong address)

And if you were previously renting make sure you get your deposit back! If you are having problems with this then Citizens Advice have information to help you.

What to do now

First thing to do is sit back and enjoy your home.

Then take the time to read our blog on protecting your family to make sure your home is safe is something unexpected happens.